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The user is responsible for the care and return of bicycles, tricyclos, tandem, rickshaws, roller skates (from now on called wheeled vehicles or vehicles) and accessories (locks, helmets, keys, and so on). Wheeled vehicles may only be used by people that are mentioned in the rental contract. The lessee is obliged at all times to correctly lock the vehicles when they do not have them in sight. In case you do not find a safe place to lock them, you should go to JAVEA FUN BIKES or to the location where you rented the vehicles in order to deposit them there until the next day.

The rented wheeled vehicles must be returned in the same state in which they have been rented and any damage caused by the user/lessee will be at his expense. At the end of the rental period a representative of JAVEA FUN BIKES will determine the state and condition of the leased vehicles to estimate any damage that may have been produced during the rental period. Once reviewed and verified that the vehicles are delivered to the satisfaction of JAVEA FUN BIKES, the user/lessee will be given a delivery receipt signed by JAVEA FUN BIKES or by the location of where the vehicles were rented. (Annex I to this contract).

In case of theft or loss of material, the user will be required to pay JAVEA FUN BIKES the stolen material and the value of different accessories: padlock €15, key €6, helmet €19, lights, brakes, pedals €9, saddle €35, broken wheel €75. In case of theft of the vehicles, the lessee will be held responsible to pay for the value of the stolen vehicle. The price to be paid is €175,00 model Amsterdam, €500,00 models Electra, €1.000,00 models design, €500,00 tricyclos, € 900,00 tandem, €1.000,00 rickshawx2, €1.500,00 rickshawx4, €60,00 skates.

Punctures or breakdown: If you have a puncture or damage you should approach the shop of JAVEA FUN BIKES (ph. 645403854). In extreme cases JAVEA FUN BIKES can assist you anywhere in Jàvea (Arenal, Puerto, Pueblo). This service will cost €15 per recollection per vehicle. If the recollection of the vehicle will be in the suburbs of Jàvea the costs will be €25 and additional costs for necessary material in order to fix the problem.

Place of delivery and return. The place of delivery and return of the vehicles will be the same place as where they have been rented in the first place.

We require a deposit for the rental of the vehicles which will be €20 for the roller skates; €50 for the models Amsterdam.

For any other model or vehicle we require a deposit of €80.  A representative of JAVEA FUN BIKES will ask for ID, Passport, Driver’s license or the number of your credit card in case of possible malfunction, damage or non-return of the vehicles and accessories which have been rented.

 The deposit can be paid in cash. and will be returned after delivery of the vehicles and accessories only if the vehicles and accessories are returned in the state in which they have been rented. When vehicles are rented over more than 48 hours the deposit will be €100,00 for any kind of model.

 The complete payment will always be paid in advance at the beginning of the rental period in cash.

The delay in returning of the vehicles will increase the payment by the appropriate fee.

Deliveries made before the end of the rental period: no refund for deliveries before the end of the rental period mentioned in the rental contract.

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